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Unity Gym Project

Unity Gym Project is a registered charity established in the inner city ward of Broomhall in Sheffield in 2010. 

We are committed to community development and the promotion of health and wellbeing. We engage with vulnerable young people and adults who often don’t wish to access mainstream services. Helping them make positive life choices and improve their health and wellbeing. Our ethos is to empower the young people within the community to take ownership of their own development.

Unity Gym Project provides a range of services for young people and the Sheffield community.


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Last year we helped

People in Sheffield

Change their lives, for the better.


Teaching and supporting the development of life skills for young people.


To support for personal and educational development.

Our Gym

Access to a community gymnasium to improve health and well-being.


To tackle, diffuse conflict and improve community cohesion.

In a recent (Home Office, EGYV peer review) “Unity Gym Project was highlighted as an example of good practice of community engagement that directly engages the most affected communities, especially the young people and young adults.  The project is widely recognised as directly impacting on lowering ASB and managing community tensions with the gang and serious youth violence”.

The organisation offers vital support and opportunity to young people and the community from Broomhall and further afield in Sheffield. In this respect, Unity Gym is a fundamental part of the fabric of Broomhall and a crucially important organisation.

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