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Unity Gym Project is a registered charity established in the inner city ward of Broomhall in Sheffield in 2010. We are committed to community development and the promotion of health and wellbeing.

Unity in the Community

We create positive spaces where differences are celebrated, knowledge is exchanged and talent is




The charity offers vital support and opportunity to young people and the community from Broomhall and further afield in Sheffield. In this respect Unity Gym is a fundamental part of the fabric of Broomhall and a crucially important organisation

I totally agree @William_J_Mason, Inequality, labelling and racism of YP from deprived areas, lack of investment in Young people as well as lack dealing with poverty early all contribute.

Well done to all. Great way of breaking down barriers and to raise #awareness. We Spotted one of our young volunteer there. #Subayr. #youngpeople #Representing #Sheffield #Blackmentalhealthtaboos @ShefFlourish @MagicMagid

Josie Soutar@JosieSoutar

Check out the army of young volunteers #Blackmentalhealthtaboos conference, giving up their time on a Saturday. Who says young people aren't active citizens!

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We are dedicated to helping Sheffield children reach their full potential and get the most out of life. 

To help more children in the community we need your help. Remember, every penny donated makes a difference.


Before Unity Gym Project I had a set group of friends, our day to day activities didn’t include sport, Unity Gym has allowed me to make new friends and a healthier lifestyle which has improved my physical and mental wellbeing, which I am very grateful for. This has been crucial for my education and allowed me to be more perceptive to opportunities in everyday life. I have also been able to volunteer by assisting youth clubs sessions for other local young people.


Unity Gym Project has played a major role in me becoming a much more active person, also it has gave me the opportunity to meet many new people and develop my skills with others. Unity Gym hasn’t only played a big part in me being a more active person but it has also helped me deal with my anxiety, improve my confidence and social skills.


I was an active kid with no activities to exert that energy, my attention wasn’t good which led me to find school difficult, Unity Gym introduced me to basketball through Street Games CLUB1 event. I had the opportunity to attend to watch Sheffield Sharks Vs Giants now a year later I am taking part in sport and playing for local basketball team. It has also given me an opportunity to attend Street Games sports festivals / residential where I made new friends.

Abdi J

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